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DFD Joins 1% for Ojai

1% For Ojai - Partner

I am pleased to announce Dogs Fly Design has joined the 1% for Ojai program. A voluntary 1% donation will be added to your invoices to help protect Ojai’s views, trails, water, and wildlife. If you choose not to participate, please

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Long Awaited Dropbox Update

Finally! Dropbox has figured it out. If you have both a work account and a personal account for Dropbox, you had to choose for each device which one you wanted to be logged into. It was a huge pain to

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Security Issues Continue – Jetpack Plugin

Upgrade your Jetpack! It seems there are security issues all over the place this week. Many WordPress sites use this plugin – include most of our clients sites. If your’s does be sure to update it immediately. If you are

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Printing with Moo

By far, Moo is my favorite printing company. Their quality is superb. Every time I hand someone a Moo card I get nothing but compliments on it. They look and feel amazing. A unique feature is their printfinity. If one

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Web Security Making Even Skeptics Like Me Think Twice

Twitter logo

Must Read: How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username While we do our best to make our clients’ sites as secure as possible, I will be the first to admit that I do not follow all the security precautions for my

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WordPress and Google Fonts

Google Web Fonts

Fonts can make or break a website design. Website fonts used to be so limiting. You could choose from the basic seven or so fonts and that was all. In the last year Google fonts has changed it all! Finally,

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How Do Search Engines Work?

How Search Engines Work Imagine the Internet as how it is described – the World Wide Web – a giant spider web (I hate spiders, but it is the best analogy). Every webpage (documents, PDF files, and images included) is

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Organic SEO Basics on Pages and Blog Posts

Once your site is designed to be search engine friendly, you then need to seed your site with your keywords in the indexable content. 1. Each page should focus on a specific word or set of words. 2. Those words

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Is my website designed to be SEO friendly?

Is my website designed to be SEO friendly? How do I make it so? 1. Put your writing in text. Don’t lock it in images because search engines can’t pick it up to see what you are about. 2. Make

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Java Security Update for Everyone

Java Update

A thank you to our friends at Sunrise Computers for sending out this update and keeping us in the know. Please read through this below and follow the steps provided to protect your computer. Justin writes below: After the break

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