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What We Do

The Web


We pride ourselves on creating unique websites, reflecting the individual nature of your business. We are happy to work with you on your website in any capacity you need — from edits to your current site to a full redesign. We can also design a website around your current branding or develop a new branding for you.


Using WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and jQuery, we make sure your website is compatible with all modern browsers. We strive to create an information architecture that makes your website accessible to your users. Our user interface designs use navigation that is easy to follow, and we organize information into logical hierarchies—creating a comfortable and easy space for your visitors to browse. At the same time, we build a readable platform for search engines to find and crawl, helping your website in organic search engine rankings. We can help create a socially interactive website with connections to the latest in social networking (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.).


In addition to basic websites, we can help you with your content management needs. Whether your website is for E-commerce, a portfolio, or blogging, we can find the best solution for you. We develop our websites on WordPress so you can easily update the content of your site without having to learn any code. We can make updates to an already existing website and help with specific needs requiring special programming. We are also happy to help with your general website management and maintenance.


Although WordPress is now used for much more than just blogs, it certainly still has that core feature. We can build a custom blog that fits your design and functional needs.


If you are looking to create an online marketplace / e-commerce site we can help you find the best solutions for shopping cart systems and payment integration. We work to find an appropriate solution for the size of your business and the number of products you have, or plan on having in the future.

What We Do - Web

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Using your branding, we can customize your social media pages to reflect your business identity—from Facebook profile pictures and banners to Twitter backgrounds and YouTube Channel design. If you need help initially creating pages on any social network, we can help you there, too.

Ready to see examples of our web work? Click here to view our web portfolio.

Print & Beyond


We don’t simply stop at web design, Dogs Fly Design can offer you a complete branding package. Whether you are starting a new business, need a redesign, or simply just need a few changes done to your brand’s identity, we can help. If you building a new brand, we will design a logo that fits the unique nature of your business, establish key brand colors, determine typographic treatments, and more. We can create print materials, a website, and any other marketing collateral you may need around your brand presence.


Along with every branding and rebranding project there is often a need for print work to accompany your website. Here are just some of the print marketing materials we can design:

Business Cards


Annual Reports

Tote Bags
and more!


We work with a number of both local and online printers, allowing us to find the best cost and quality solution for your specific project. Please contact us for more information.

Want to see what our print work looks like? Click to view our print portfolio.


We can create motion graphics for both your website and advertising. We work directly with the Ojai Playhouse to create Ojai OnScreen advertisements. These can be motion or still ads. Please contact us for details.

3… 2… 1… action! Click here to see our motion portfolio.

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