Is my website designed to be SEO friendly?

Is my website designed to be SEO friendly? How do I make it so?

1. Put your writing in text. Don’t lock it in images because search engines can’t pick it up to see what you are about.

2. Make your navigation text based, not imaged based. This way search engines can read your navigation structure and see what is important in your site.

3. Include keywords in your navigation. If a word is really important – it should have a link in your navigation that then links you to a page about it.

4. Use image tags. Tag your images with the related keywords on your page.

5. Do you have specific pages that are keyword focused? Use the word in the navigation, links to page about word, put the word in title, use the word in headings and sub headings, include the word in paragraphs, use the word in image tags, include the word in metadata (keywords and description).

6. Does your URL relate to your keywords?

7. Do you have search engine friendly urls?  Can search engines follow your links?

8. Are your H1, H2, and H3 tags formatted for use?

If you cannot answer these questions, or if the answers are no, we can help. You may need a basic facelift on your website, or it might be time for a big update. Contact us and we can help you decide how to make your site more search engine friendly.


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