Java Security Update for Everyone

java-square-300x300A thank you to our friends at Sunrise Computers for sending out this update and keeping us in the know. Please read through this below and follow the steps provided to protect your computer. Justin writes below:

After the break the rare and deranged computer hackers of this world discovered and began exploiting a serious hole in the common Java software that runs as a component within virtually all of our web browsers. This bug has now been patched with a free update from Oracle (makers of Java) and should be installed immediately on everyone’s computer – Mac & PC. Below please find guidance on how to complete this. Or if you would prefer please email back that you want us to handle everything and confirm some good time windows when we can get on your computers remotely, such as this evening. Note that administrative rights / password are required to install this update.

1. Windows PC users can locate Java in the Control Panel. Open Java and click the Update tab at top. Click Update Now at the bottom and follow the prompts. Unclick the option to install the Ask toolbar (this is essentially just an advertising platform – not wanted).

2. Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 users can simply run the Apple Software update and the patches will be installed. Click Apple Menu and then Software Update. Install all available updates. Older Macs can reinstall the software from

3. Restart the computer once complete. You should now be on Java 7 update 11.

We try to only send out critical patch notices such as this so as to not become “the tech that cried wolf”… however when the US Department of Homeland Security issues a press release – hope you agree that’s enough reason to sound the alarms!

Thank you,

Justin Grant
Microsoft Certified Professional
Apple Certified Pro

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