What is the Jetpack Plugin?

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Jetpack Plugin for WordPress by WordPress

Jetpack is a plugin created by WordPress itself that we install on our WordPress sites for many reasons. The plugin is for self-hosted WordPress websites (which all of our clients’ sites are) that connects them to WordPress.com. This allows self-hosted sites to have access to many of the great features that were only available to WordPress.com users.

What does that mean for you? The best explanation of all of Jetpack’s features comes from the Jetpack website itself. However, here are the top things we love about Jetpack:

  • Created by WordPress, for WordPress, it offeres many great features, runs quickly, and doesn’t bog down your site as installing many plugins to do the same job would.
  • Site Stats – though we do use Google Analytics, the WordPress.com Stats that come with Jetpack give our users as simple and easy to digest the overview of the traffic on their site.
  • Sharing – Jetpack helps make your social media sharing dreams come true with an easy to use button that can be placed at the bottom of any post or page allowing users to Tweet it, Share it, +1 it, Pin it, Digg it, and much more. (You can read a bit more about sharing in our Jetpack and Pinterest post or try it out below by sharing this post!)
  • Shortcode Embeds – You no long need to figure out how to use embed codes to share videos on your site. Simply cut and past the YouTube or Vimeo url into your page or post and the video will appear! (Check our out YouTube tutorial on this if you are interested.)

If you already have Jetpack and want to use more of the available features to your advantage, just let us know. For some of our clients, we created your site before Jetpack became so cool. If you would like us to install Jetpack for you now, please contact us.

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