Googled Today: Caring for Chickens

I am dying to get chickens in our backyard. So today I Googled “Caring for Chickens.” There are so many reasons why I want them….

I just love chickens, what can I say?

  • I will know the eggs I eat came from chickens that were well cared for, healthy, and happy.
  • Eggs nutrients can be changed depending on what the chickens are fed. Personally, I would like to know what my chickens are eating.
  • Organic, Vegetarian Fed, Free-Range Eggs are expensive! And with six of us living in the house, we go through a lot of eggs… I do know there will be an up front investment – but there are so many benefits too.
  • Also with six of us in the house, there are a lot of food scraps. How great would it be to not add that organic matter to the dump, use it for food for our animals, and get great manure in return!
  • Let’s be honest – chickens are CUTE! How can you resist these guys??

You may ask yourself, “Are there any design elements involved here?” Or course! First off, though my yard is perfect for a large wooden coop, but I have been obsessed with Eglus by Omlet ever since I first saw them in a design magazine. The bright colors, the fun designs, their super branding… (You know I am a sucker for that last part especially.)

Just because I focus on web design for work, I really love to explore any thoughtfully designed products. Especially ones that take into account both form and functionality.

So even if I do need to build a nice wooden coop to match the yard, I can still get all their wonderfully designed accessories like the feeders, scoops, and buckets.

The site that I spent the most time on in this search though: My Pet Chicken. They came up near the top and at the moment my biggest concern is how much time I will need to spend caring for chickens. It looks like a commitment I am willing to make, now just to convince the rest of the family….

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