Clearing Your Cache

I don’t see the changes you made to my site…

Clearing Cache

Clearing your cache can help things run a bit more efficiently.

Have we sent you an email saying that your changes are up and you don’t see them? Before you panic … try refreshing your browser! Most of the time the changes will appear right before your eyes.

Browsers do what is called caching information on our computers constantly. This helps with load time of the site as you navigate around (especially when you use your back and forward buttons) and the next time you visit the site. They are files that change infrequently like background images, logos, style sheets, scripts, ect. These tiny bits of information get stored on your personal computer so that next time you come to that page it doesn’t have to use as much bandwidth to load it as it has to be pulled from a remote server.

However, sometimes text and images that you have changed get stored too. So if you don’t see the changes we said we made, when your refresh your browser it reloads the main information on your page and 9 times out of 10 your changes will appear.

Sometimes it goes a little deeper than that. Sometimes the files need a bit more prompting to clear out and load the new ones – especially if you visit your site often. This is when you have to clear your cache. Here is a great post on how to clear your cache in a variety of browsers: Clearing your Browser Cache.

Clearing your cache in browsers should be done once in awhile in general to help things run a bit more efficiently.

If you do these things and your changes still don’t appear, then by all means, please send us an email!

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