Why Are There Cupcakes On My Website?

Cupcake Latin Text?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus convallis nunc id leo suscipit nec sodales erat aliquet…

Pastry ice cream jelly-o chocolate cake caramels bear claw. Ice cream brownie tootsie roll apple pie chocolate soufflé macaroon toffee caramels. Gummi bears cookie cupcake halvah…

Which would you rather see on your website?

Latin text, or Latin filler text has been used for over 500 years by designers. It is simply dummy text to fill in space one of either two reasons. One, the content that has not been created, or two, the designer does not want the content to detract from the layout of the design. We most often use the filler text on your website or other design comps because we want you to look at the overall look of the design and not to get hung up on what the words say.

We generally get our Lorem Ipsum text from www.lipsum.com, there is also a great brief history about the origin of the text (it is not just random words) and how it is used.

After awhile though, the standard Lorem ipsum dolor gets a little boring. Though you may not know this yet, I am sure you will as the blog gets more posts, Rachel is obsessed with cupcakes… and one day she stumbled upon cupcakeipsum.com. There has been no stopping her ever since!! Not only does your text start with “Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet,” but she has the tendency to “Give your text some love.” So next time you receive a design comp filled with sweet somethings, fear not – it’s our way of sweetening up your day!

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