New Website Launch

We have been promising it for months…almost feels like years even…but it is finally here! Dogs Fly Design gets a new website (and I finally get a place to blog about all the cool things I want to tell you every week).

We have spent so much time focusing on our wonderful clients’ sites this past year, dealing with hosting issues, moving cross country (Rachel), and taking on some new responsibilities, that our site launch kept getting pushed back – but this March we are dedicating a few hours a week to our own site.

Here are some of the new and exciting things to expect with the new launch:

  • We will now have a new client area where you can look for all of your resources such as the WordPress Tutorial Videos.
  • You can check out the new site for updates that may of interest to you (eg: a better SEO plugin, a new calendar plugin that I love!, an easy to manage share button that can now be added to your blogs).
  • Have questions? We have answers! Many of you all have similar questions when first navigating a new site – what are the basics of SEO? What should I blog about? Why are there cupcakes on my website?
  • We will be adding a little special section to the backend of your WordPress sites that will have a feed of our latest posts so that you can stay up to date on the latest Dogs Fly Design info.

Best of all for us, with this new website launch we will be able to keep our portfolio updated and current with all the projects that slip through the cracks and never seem to get added to our site. We are so excited to finally have a site that represents who we are, just like we do for each of you every day!


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